The Translations

The documents within each issue contain the French original, a brief historical introduction, and the translation.

  • Issue 1.0: First installment of twelve translated and curated pamphlets detailing the grain shortage of 1789, focused mainly on the rapport between the Deputies of Saint-Domingue with French officials in France or Saint-Domingue.
  • Issue 2.0: Second installment of six translated and curated pamphlets that provide a larger, transnational context for the issues surrounding 1789 Saint-Domingue.
  • Issue 3.0: The six pamphlets that make up the third installment “bring to the fore of this project a number of pressing concerns about the kind of knowledge about life under slavery that can be gleaned from the colonial archive.”


Translator’s note:

A Colony in Crisis would like to note that many of our translations are excerpts of the original French documents. For this reason, there may be historical figures, moments, para-textual elements, and entire sections of the originals that are unaccounted for in our translations. With that said, our work seeks to highlight the specifics in these documents that elucidate, above all, the historical details of the Saint-Domingue grain crisis.