The authors are responsible for the selection, curation, and translation of the primary sources presented on the Colony in Crisis website.

Project Co-PI’s & Editors: Nathan H. Dize and Laurence Jay-Rayon Ibrahim Aibo

French/English Team:

  • Abby R. Broughton, co-author, translator, and editor, is an Assistant Professor of French at High Point University.
  • Kelsey Corlett-Rivera, site designer and editor, is a Federal librarian and independent scholar in Washington, DC
  • Nathan H. Dize, content curator, translator, and editor, is a Visiting Assistant Professor of French Cultural Studies at Oberlin College.
  • Brittany de Gail, site editor, contributed to a Colony in Crisis as an administrative assistant in the Office of the Dean of the Libraries at the University of Maryland, where she also graduated with a B.A. in Chinese and Government and Politics.

Haitian Creole Team:

  • Laurence Jay-Rayon Ibrahim Aibo, is a translation scholar and published author, and the 2020-21 Administrator of the Educators Division of the American Translators Association. She teaches translation and interpreting in the online Certificate in professional Translation and Interpreting at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Laurence is a certified translator and certified healthcare interpreterwho runs her boutique translation company, Into French Translations.
  • Pierre Malbranche, translator and voice artist, is a current graduate student in the French Studies program at Montclair State University. He holds a BA in French with concentration in translation from MSU and has experience interpreting and translating into Haitian Creole for his local church in Newark, the Newark Good Shepherd Church of the Nazarene. Since the inception of the project, he has translated a series of pamphlets from French into Haitian Creole and audio-recorded a selection of his own translations. Since 2020, Pierre is the dedicated voice artist of the project and is the official voice behind all audio-recorded Haitian Creole translations.
  • Daphney Vastey, translator, holds a B.A. and an M.A. in French Studies. She is a certified court interpreter in the state of NY and has experience translating and interpreting into Haitian Creole, English, and French in legal, immigration, and healthcare settings. She has presented on the CIC Project at various conferences, both online and onsite. She worked as a Cornell University research assistant on a workers’ rights project with the Haitian immigrant community in NY and NJ and now works as an interpreter with the New York City court system.